Christopher Avery: Conscious Leadership with The Responsibility Process™

Topic: Conscious Leadership with The Responsibility ProcessChristopher Avery

Conscious leadership is good business. It generates great results with happy people. Why? Because you operate with far greater awareness of what's going on, of the interconnectedness of things -- and that helps you see and make better choices. The Responsibility Process, breakthrough research of the last twenty-five years, is a most powerful framework for continuously developing conscious leadership in yourself and your team. In this segment, you will learn about The Responsibility Process and try it out for yourself.

1. What does conscious leadership mean to you?

2. What are the benefits/drawbacks of conscious leadership?

3. Are conscious leaders born or made?

4. Tell about The Responsibility Process and what it has to do with leadership
How does The Responsibility Process increase consciousness, awareness, and choice?

Christopher Avery is among the most outspoken, celebrated, and successful advisors to executives on the critical issue of personal and shared responsibility as it affects leadership, teamwork, change, culture and performance.

Through his corporate services firm Partnerwerks Inc., Christopher’s strategies contribute to hyper-productive, engaged, and happy leaders, teams, and organizations in companies such as Cisco, Ericsson, Rally Software,, Skype, and The GAP. Christopher’s solutions are especially popular among leaders of product development organizations.

Christopher is the author of the popular book “Teamwork Is An Individual Skill” and hundreds of other commentaries on responsible leadership, teamwork, and change. He is the visionary force behind The Leadership Gift Program and mentor to its global community of leaders. And he’s here to share these rich discoveries with you.

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