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on November 10-21, 2014

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Consciousness = Awareness + Choice

Conscious Software Development means you apply Awareness and Choice to all areas of application creation.

  • Fed up with scope creep ruining your delivery schedules?
  • Exasperated when your development team's software turns to "shelfware" by your users?
  • Afraid of project death marches where deadline after deadline is missed?
  • Worried about more subtle forms of failure that you might not notice until it is too late?

Creating successful custom software for your organization is hard - over 70% of projects fail!

Perhaps you have seen some of these common issues:

  • deploy late
  • go over budget
  • have missing/buggy features
  • requirements scope creep
  • team miscommunication and conflicts
  • "shelfware" that is just not adopted by users
  • not aligned to the organization's strategy

And software projects can be a headache to hire for, manage and architect right.

What to do? Listen to the Conscious Software Development Telesummit which is November 10th - 21st 2014:


Register for the summit for free. Then listen to another 21+ interviews and read the transcripts for detailed notes on how you can bring more consciousness to your software projects and organization. And stop the 70% of zombie programming projects that give you headaches, loose you tons of money and waste your team's time.

Hear from 21+ top experts on software, team relations, strategy, deployment and more. So you discover things that you don't know that you don't know about creating successful projects and managing your portfolio of apps. This elite group of software superstars, best selling authors, popular podcasters, outstanding bloggers and celebrity coaches are imparting decades of experience, wisdom and some very generous free resources to help you begin making progress immediately.

This unique panel of experts is all unified under one vision; to empower you with practical understanding of how you can put their knowledge to use, bring consciousness to your software challenges and transform your work for the better.

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Join other leading CIOs, VPs of Development, project managers, architects, stakeholders, end user champions and all those want to bring more awareness and choice to the complex art of software creation.

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